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hello, im ej,
thank you for being here.
for those of you who don't know me yet
I am the kind of girl who lets inspiration and joy guide her every second. who finds beauty in all things, especially in nature. I am the girl who makes art out of flowers, who feels at home when butterflies flutter around. the girl who feels so fulfilled just to exist. the little things that make my heart swell are the reasons I feel so achingly alive.
I am devoted to living my life in harmonious alignment. choosing to move in directions of light and allowing my inner child to live effortlessly through my adult body. trusting that I am taken care of in all moments, because I am.
I have a gifts to share with this world and that is what I am here to do. my existence is a vessel for the highest form of love to flow through. and my hope is that my way of being can give you an excuse to express yourself in a ways you deeply wish
thanks for giving me a sacred space to create and share
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