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Hawaiian Pothos

3-5 clippings depending on leaf & root sizes 


Clippings are either rooted, 3-5 weeks propagation, or brand new bud (you will choose)

Rooted : ready to be planted in soil 

3-5 week propagation : 2-3 weeks into propagation, 3-5 weeks still needed  

New Bud : no rooting, straight from fully flourishing plants 


A short instruction sheet with tips and recommendations will be included 

Please allow 2-3 days for processing & 2-6 days for shipping - unfortunately I do not control shipment speeds - all clippings are sent via USPS in a pink 4x6 bubble mailer wrapped in moist organic towelettes & biodegradable clear wrapping :) 

As always, if you have any additional questions or concerns, or if your package does not arrive after 1 week of your “shipped” date, please reach out to me and i will send out a new package as soon as i am able too! 

thank you & happy planting 



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