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Strength & Protection

Strength & Protection

Scent Throw:
- caramel crème, brown sugar, steamed coffee, hazelnut, almond milk, mocha, maple, vanilla bean, malt, & tonka!

Crystals: to be taken out at the end of burning entire candle!
Tigers Eye - helps you live more boldly, take on life more bravely, and attack challenges more fiercely.

Mookaite - helps to ground your mind, heart, soul and spirit into this earthly realm.

Chamomile - helps alleviate fever, headaches, kidney, liver, and bladder problems, digestive upset, muscle spasms, anxiety, insomnia, skin irritations, bruises, gout, ulcers, rheumatic pain, hay fever, inflammation, hemorrhoids, colic, and menstrual disorders.

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