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Dragon Head

1 Piece Natural Crystal Dragon Head.

Dragon spirit animal is one of the most ancient and powerful totems. These magical creatures are formidable and symbolize a range of traits and emotions.

Dragons are known as all-knowing beings with phenomenal, magical capabilities. They are also trustworthy protectors and guides. Likewise, they are also believed to rule four elements; Water, Air, Fire, and Earth.

Dragons also represent beautiful harmony and balance and are the harbingers of good fortune. And by the looks of dragon alone, how formidable it is, it’s is no surprise that they symbolize power and bravery.

Dragons are also symbolized for their intelligence and all-knowing ability and are believed to guide people with brilliance, dignity, and authority towards enlightenment. Dragon spirit animal teaches you to find your inner voice and power, be free, and roar.

In Feng Shui, dragons represent luck, good fortune, and growth. There are many dream settings in which seeing a dragon is considered an omen of luck and wealth.

Dragons are also symbolized harmony and balance. Dragons are protective and intelligent animals and are believed to make those with toxic intentions quiver out of fear. These formidable creatures do not take it lightly when somebody tries to take advantage of innocent and pure-souled beings.

Dragons are believed to have mastered the four elements. To be precise, there are four types of dragons named after these elements.

Fire dragon spirit animal fuels your self-mastery and creativity and helps you overcome the hurdles in your life. It offers you protection and guidance, and at the same time, encourages you to transform and be a leader.

Air dragon spirit animal enhances your acumen and widens your perspective of world view. It encourages you to trust your instincts and embrace changes rather than feeling threatened by them.

In China, dragons were symbolized as the spirit of water and were associated with Rain Gods. Water dragons give you the courage to heal your past and attain an emotional balance. It reminds you to refrain from any toxic patterns and embrace your fate in life.

Earth dragon spirit animal helps you stabilize your vibrations and provides you with the mindset and self-confidence to live abundantly.

If there’s a terrible wound in your life that you aren’t able to get past, dragon spirit animal will grant you the necessary power to heal. Likewise, if you want to reconcile with your friends or family, it’s the perfect time to connect with your dragon spirit animal.

Similarly, if you’re craving for wisdom and knowledge and want to exude formidable power from within you, you should call on your dragon spirit animal. Doing so will also help you acquire wealth and manage and protect your empire.

Moreover, a dragon spirit animal also helps detoxify your surrounding and protect you from evil and toxic influences in your life.

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